30.11.2016 popup store David Yurman - Le Printemps #fashion

“Love and Light” evening for David Yurman with Natalia Vodianova and Isabelle Adjani

Reception evening at the Printemps Haussmann, where the faithful of the American jewellery brand David Yurman were able to start the festivities at the end of the year with his muse Natalia Vodianova and discover the first collaboration of the company with the department store, on the theme of the Petit Rock de Nuit, in reference to the period when David, then a sculptor, and Sybil, the painter, launched the brand.From the photocall – where glamour and humour rhymed, to the mimics taken by the guests, including the top – the tone of the evening is set, under the theme Love & Light, with images of the Christmas campaign where the “Supernova” posed under the lens of photographer Bruce Weber. Echoing the paper dresses seen on the pictures, the hats of the hostesses danced as the audience came to discover the Christmas window designed by David Yurman.This was followed by a confidential dinner at Divellec Restaurant, where David and Sybil Yurman welcomed their Parisian friends, including actress Isabelle Adjani, and together supported the philanthropic commitment of Natalia and her Elbi Foundation for the protection of children. Magazine.

Photos: Saywho

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