11.04.2009 Régine

Ullmann Kararock

Great return of Nicolas Ullmann and his famous Kararock on Sunday evening, after months of abstention. He took his new quarters in Le Régine, where the night owls, heretics of Monday morning meet singing to forget the stock options, the golden parachutes, the strikes and the presidential statements. On the other hand, we will not forget to make a gesture for Nicolas Ullmann and his half whose apartment burned to the ground a few days ago. Immortalized in the ashes by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Nicolas had a look that seemed to say: “that which does not kill me makes me stronger”. Help Nicolas and his beautiful to go back up the slope, by going to the Baron this Thursday at 21h30 for a support concert. Donations, gifts and smiles welcome. Clubbing sometimes has a good conscience!


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