03.10.2017 Boutique Tara Jarmon Champs-Elysées #fashion

Thomas Lélu looks at the Tara Jarmon girls

Inès Mélia looks at us through two rolls of scotch, Juliette Armanet proudly shows her cat ears in trays, while Colombe Campana’s eyes give way to two slices of kiwi. If you are familiar with Thomas Lélu’s work, you will immediately recognize the photographer’s signature. On the occasion of Fashion Week and to celebrate the women who make up her family, Tara Jarmon asked Thomas Lélu to make twelve portraits of her close friends, starting with the artistic director of Colombe Campana, to whom Tara Jarmon personally passed the torch. The eye of the photographer and its offbeat aesthetic stick to the skin of the house and the large prints exhibited in the Champs-Élysées boutique add a touch of acidity. As in a large family reunion, the “reveal” evening hosted by a DJ set by Marco Dos Santos and a live performance by the young Vendredi Sur Mer brought together all the friends of the house, such as actresses Audrey Lamy and Zabou Breitman, without forgetting the “girls” Noemi Ferst, Bianca O’Brien or Charlotte Husson. Visit Tara Jarmon to discover the exhibition!

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