03.11.2023 Paris #fashion

The Zalando x Lacoste Launch Maze at the Maison des Métallos

To introduce the latest instalment of their collaboration, Zalando and Lacoste are presenting “Lost in Collection”, an astonishing immersive experience. The launch was held in the legendary Maison des Métallos, a Parisian cultural and historical landmark. The collection was spread across four successive rooms in the building, which visitors discovered as if exploring a great labyrinth. The first room was guarded by imposing doors, behind which a myriad of surprises awaited the courageous who dared to open them. The second one was all wrapped in grass and featured a crocodile, followed by a third room that marvelled visitors with an illusion play, as it was studded with mirrors. Last but not least, the fourth room took spectators on a dreamlike journey into the clouds. In each of them, a treasure hunt invited visitors to unearth QR codes that gave access to different gifts. This interactive and immersive launch sent the collaboration straight into orbit!

At the launch party, we spotted Zandile Benya Veron, Claudia Dubien, Marc Kuakumensha, Jonathan Hayden, Juliette Dahirel, Simon Bodin, Théodore Levisse, and Alia Ben Mansour.

Photos: Jean Picon

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