06.11.2015 11, rue de la Trémoille - Paris VIIIe #lifestyle

The opening night of the Ginger

The Ginger has just been reborn from its ashes – and with great pomp! under the direction of the duo Ghislain Evraert and Logan Maggio. Open 7 days a week.

Restaurant leaned against the Plaza Athénée in the heart of the Golden Triangle, this luxurious address promises mountains and wonders to the fans of the genre with a new decoration rethought by another duo, that formed by the architects Cathy Crinon and Arnaud Behzadi, in collaboration with Miguel Cancio Martins. Both light and soothing, the pastel-coloured walls are reminiscent of the controversial Beverly Hills Hotel.

On the menu side, you can enjoy a steam bar – and very soon veggie dishes – but also the great classics such as the inevitable”tears of the Tiger”, all against a background of lounge music and inevitably very well surrounded.

Inauguration, Friday evening, before everyone goes to digest on the Rasputin track to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the mythical club. Review, between courses.

11, rue de la Trémoille – Paris VIIIe


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