06.09.2014 Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin #art

The Laurent Grasso and Wim Delvoye openings

Double opening at Emmanuel Perrotin’s this Saturday. Double event, therefore, and ten times more artists gathered in the queen of Parisian galleries.
“Soleil Double”, Laurent Grasso’s first solo exhibition, deploys one of the founding concepts of his work through some forty works: “reality is double”. Between oil paintings on wood made in the manner of Flemish or Italian primitives, neons with paradoxical messages, shop windows or ancient books, Laurent Grasso places us “in front of time” disorienting it.

Wim Delvoye, for his part, takes us back in his rereading of works from the past while taking a lucid and amused look at contemporary society. King of diversion, this time he metamorphoses tyres into architectural elements of religious buildings, chisels aluminium suitcases from his coat of arms and introduces the use of marble with a monumental sculpture.

Two highlights punctuated the opening day: the conference around the work of Laurent Grasso held by Marc-Olivier Wahler and Jean-Hubert Martin, followed a few hours later by the ethereal live (as Emmanuel Perrotin knows so well how to welcome them) by Sébastien Schuller. Sophie Calle, JR, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Jalil Lespert, Daniel Firman and Vanessa Bruno were at the front row.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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