24.04.2015 108 RUE ViEiLLE DU TEMPLE - Paris IIIe #art

The inauguration of the VNH gallery

Victoire de Pourtalès and Hélène Nguyen-Ban inaugurated this weekend the VNH Gallery. It will not be called”brand new” for the moment because VNH will close its doors this summer for work, but its 800 m2 dedicated to contemporary art are already widely known in the community, being the remains of the Yvon Lambert gallery. Since April 25, therefore, the gallery has been momentarily deconstructed to reveal future volumes and its white picture rails.

First artist invited by the duo Victoire/Hélène, Pascale Marthine Tayou presents large installations, for the most part unpublished, entirely conceived and realized for the place in full transition. An initiatory journey aiming at the reappropriation of the space built around spectacular installations, which ends in the darkness of”the cave of the grigris”. Atmosphere…

For her grand opening night – not really – opening, the two friends saw things big. As big as their address book, as big as their protégé’s artwork. In some crucial points: a rain of international heirs, the gratin of contemporary art, fashion that was not in Hyères, Amadou and Mariam, Para-One and Boombass.

But what the hell do these two have in store for us for the big opening, the real one? Answer next October…


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