22.03.2015 Les Bains Paris - Paris IIe #lifestyle

The Baths end of construction

Proust un bain sulfureux, Joy Division un album live, Warhol la fièvre des satedis soirirs, Saint-Laurent des diners d’after show, Guetta un résident inconnu aux platines, de Niro le monde réinventé dans le back office, Prince les showcases impromptus.By their very name, Les Bains gives rise to a whole world of living inspirations and incredible experiences, eccentric avant-gardes and iconic pioneers. To grasp the spirit of the Baths, we must go back in time to the point of embracing the present of each epoch. Up to ours…

After several years of work – directed by the architect Vincent Bastie and by Tristan Auer and Denis Montel/RDAI for the interior design, Les Bains are now free from their’Showers’ and are still reborn from smoking ashes under the impetus of Jean-Pierre Marois. More than a restaurant-club, it is today a whole multifunction hotel ***** which sees the day street behind the facade of 7, rue du Bourg-l’Abbé. An evolution that is both respectful of the monument and resolutely current for a particularly successful bet in the dining room area, which is equipped with undulating domes like so many drops of purple water.

And since all the arts jostle there, the Baths move in parallel in artists’ residence and promise to welcome permanent exhibitions and guests of the contemporary scene. A five-star program, day and night, inaugurated last week by three dinners that set the tone and unveiled some of their future followers. Best-of.


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