25.05.2015 Cannes #cannes

The Baron at Cannes: A fortnight’s jolt in the air

FIF 2015 is over. Eleven days and eleven nights of parties and cinema shook the torpor of the Côte d’Azur with red carpets, projections and after parties. If the pro side decides in the morning what will happen in the halls of the world for the coming year, on the festive side the proposals are legion.

For those who are irreducibly thirsty for undue hours, the Baron is an imponderable. The Croisette version of the Grand Slam, the Clique’s la cavre promises wonders to fans of the genre. Or almost, because you will have to show white paw to tread the most hype black carpet of the PACA region and to have, de facto, a chance to encanailler you there with the shelter of the malevolent glances.

Cement of this infinite bacchanal where meet people of the seventh art, fashioners of cool and anonymous beauties, the music is tasted on the rocks and is taken with full whip by the fingers, the ears and the skin, without other form of lawsuit. Richie Reach, Dj Falcon, Greg Boust, Mark Ronson, Polo&Pan, Para One, Anja and Eddie were part of the 2014 line-up, which we would have been happy to have scattered off nights, but in vain…

Whether you liked it or hated it, Baron Cannes 2015 was a great vintage… and a self-proclaimed invigorating Aspirin market. Selected pieces.

Photos: Romain Mayoussier


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