29.11.2017 Café Pouchkine #lifestyle

Slavonic dances and caviar at the inauguration of Café Pouchkine

Andrey Dellos makes Slav culture shine a little brighter in Paris by opening a new café Pouchkine place de la Madeleine. After Spring, the aesthetic entrepreneur settles today in the ultimate chic address of the capital. Purely neo-classical decoration, made to measure by the best craftsmen of the two nations, the last born of the family does not fail to his reputation with, as little more this time, a large terrace which faces the sublime peristyle of the Madeleine church. 600m2 all the same, faithful replica all in stucco and woodwork of the original restaurant, in Moscow. VIPs gathered last night for the inauguration of the venue, animated by a gypsy band and the performance of Marie-Amélie Seigner, who notably interpreted “Nathalie”, Gilbert Bécaud’s hit which is inseparable from the institution. Isabelle Adjani, Guillaume Gallienne, Natalia Vodianova, Bruce Toussaint or Elsa Zylberstein. Caviar and vodka for everyone.Café Pouchkine, 16 place de la Madeleine, Paris 8th.

Photos: Thomas Smith

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