05.11.2013 Place Vendôme #lifestyle

Shinola x Colette party

Arrival noticed in the hexagon for the hypissime brand Shinola. And not just anywhere, since it was at Colette’s that the flagship of the cool Detroit version logically decided to put its bikes, bags, watches and other accessories covered with leather. Barely two years old (the brand was launched in autumn 2011, editor’s note), and Shinola is already enjoying success by exporting its US know-how to the old continent.

Another external sign of success: the evening given last night in collaboration with the concept store shattered all the fantasized representations of Place Vendôme. For it was in one of its little-known basements that the party was in full swing. A kind of Berlin wasteland free of rubbish. A wasteland with a safe door as an entrance, and a hallucinating space sowed with 100% concrete piers. The perfect equation with the electro line-up concocted by the two inviting forces, not to forget that Detroit, beyond its ruins is also the cradle of a plethora of musical currents. Starring: Dj Tim Paris and Jimmy Edgar. An evening produced by ANY.

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