15.12.2014 22, avenue Montaigne #fashion

Reopening of the Louis Vuitton Montaigne boutique

The Montaigne Committee can boast of having made 2014 a vintage of choice. Not only has the prestigious artery not been disturbed this year by the popular Vogue Fashion Night Out (relegated to the Rue du Faubourg St Honoré side), but it was also celebrating the reopening of some of its most illustrious doorsteps.

Remember: Back to school in 2014, the Plaza Athénée reopened after months of work in the middle of the Indian summer. Always bigger, more modern and more gleaming, but especially without meat, because Alain Ducasse has decided to wipe it off the menu of his restaurant (designed by the duo Patrick Jouin / Sanjit Manku). The red geraniums on the façade remained.

On Monday evening, it was Louis Vuitton’s turn to shine with a thousand lights as they unveiled an indecently proportioned boutique. Two floors of pure luxury and French know-how, entirely redesigned by Peter Marino, the favourite architect of fashion and vinyl.

So to celebrate this news of the utmost importance – especially for Asian tourism, the brand with the monogram has put the little dishes in the big ones. Or rather the great dishes in the giants: the entire Arnault family, Nicolas Ghesquière and his Man version Kim Jones, the bloggers who have become the most powerful’digital infuencers’ of the Instagramosphere (Kristina Bazan, editor’s note)… and Blondie, whose real name is Deborah Harry, invited to induct a live performance the evening following the cocktail A miraculous party, big, beautiful, dancing and secret, in the purest tradition of entertainment seen from the fashion side. Christmas magic, without the snow or the parents!

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