02.03.2013 Hôtel du Temps #fashion

Presentation Thomsen 2013

PFW night 5 –

On Saturday evening, in the margins of the official calendar, Thomsen and the Hôtel du Temps said “Yes” to each other during a Vaudeville evening which gave a fresh boost to the Parisian presentations.

Chanel can grow a forest under the nave of the Grand Palais and Vuitton ask Daniel Buren to install escalators for him, a catwalk remains a catwalk, and tops which pass remain tops which pass. Too classic for Alix Thomsen who, season after season, got us used to much more memorable. Remember: an African cocktail in his shop in the Haut-Marais with “Dogon” music and the best in punch, the Thomsen Choir the following year, which recorded for the occasion a pop hit specially written by Severin, and gathers in its bosom actresses, singers and girls in full view of Thomsen dressed.

it so happens that this season, the designer signs – in parallel with her PAP collection – the new decoration of the Hôtel du Temps. A coup de théâtre in the heart of Montholon Street: Thomsen immerses us in a drunken wedding party, through a series of sketches scattered in the hotel rooms. While following the bride and groom, you will meet strange couples, household scenes, love demonstrations, intoxicated singers, and musicians – since with La Clique, everything is a musical story. Definitely THE most enjoyable show of the week. B.B


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