28.09.2011 École de médecine #fashion

Presentation Olympia le-Tan collection

No Paris fashion week without the social event of Olympia Le Tan, which presents its brand new collection of minaudières and handbags. Around the theme of the nurse, these objects of desire come in portable first aid kits with humour, and complete the lines “You can judge a book by its cover” and “Nightclubs”, now collectors.

As usual, the whole group (André, Zahm…) gathered around a drink, this time in the historical den of the Medical School. The minaudières were exposed in the bicentenary windows in the middle of dusty curiosities, skeletons, organs in the formaldehyde, and other scientific curiosities, while the trendy fauna launched S.O.S. sipping champagne. Suzy Menkes, Ashley Smith, Gilles Dufour, Aaron Young, Catherine Baba and Yazbukey were all there.


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