28.02.2014 Crazy Horse #fashion

Playboy x Hello Kitty x Colette secret party

Fortunately that Colette is there to offer us, each season, an evening like no other where we have fun without blush between happy souls, and on the best soundtracks. This time, the concept store hit hard with the improbable union of two entities of character: Hello Kitty and Playboy, which blow out their 40th and 60th candles respectively.

Last Friday evening, L.A., Paris and Tokyo said yes to Crazy Horse, during a charming and cute evening. Between two magazines, Sarah Andelman, Yuko Shimizu and Hugh Hefner (from his manor) have gratified us with a series of dj sets with onions, with Pedro Winter, Breakbot and Irfane, and Dj Falcon. We’re asking for more. Again and again.

Photos: Virgile Guinard


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