09.12.2016 V.I.P Room #media

Playboy rises from the ashes

Muted and almost intellectual atmosphere with a very, very soft preliminaries look on the occasion of the return to France of the iconic and sulphurous Playboy magazine. Under the aegis of the Belgian businessman Davis Swaelens-Kane, Lady Monika Bacardi and the journalist duo Guillaume Fédou / Raphaël Turcat, who are now managing editors, the hottest Bunny in the world gathered on Friday evening at VIP Room friends and collaborators, including the blueberry model, the photographer Mathieu César who created the inaugural cover, and Greg Boust’s TDA agency, musical programmer and DA of the evening. After having ceased its activity in France in 2011, the rabbit magazine is once again reaching the end of its tail with the firm determination to establish itself as the masculine talking to women, with an ambitious print run of 150,000 copies. His mutineering rabbits gave up their bustier for the evening, preferring to strut more discreetly in T-shirts, while the magazine, less naked, aims to offer a sensual and spicy culture. A gentle revival that was celebrated by the artist-writer Thomas Lélu, the pianist Mattias Mimoun, the creator Marissa Seraphin, the porn star who became DJette Katsuni aka Céline Tran and a whole host of bunnies made in Paris that Hugh Hefner certainly wouldn’t have ignored.

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