14.11.2013 18, rue de la Paix #fashion

Opening Massimo Dutti – Rue de la Paix

To celebrate the opening of its new Parisian brand, Massimo Dutti saw things big, even very big. A cocktail proportional to the size of its floor, since it extends over more than 1550 square meters, all at 18, rue de la Paix.

So to give its inauguration party to its excesses, the giant Inditex ready-to-wear brand came up with a delightful programme for the five senses, which began with Albert Adria’s incredible culinary creations. Eating a bag of maggots (false), flowers (false) or octopus tentacles (false) was possible, unless the Pata Negra cut out on the spot no longer took grace in your eyes.

Music side: two speed planning with Aurore and Sarah, the girls from Sound of the Season, then the live of Manu Katché and his three highly qualified musicians – Stefano Di Battista, Sly Johnson and Jim Watson – for one hour of ultra-explosive jazz performance, in a half-funk half-soul mix that only the drummer has the secret. Guests’ magazine… from Saywho, among others.

Photos: Virgile Guinard


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