07.03.2017 Le Coeur #art

My Body My Choice, a feminist manifesto by Le Coeur et La Poudre

Women were in the spotlight this March 8 at the Le Cœur dans le Marais exhibition space. On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the opening of the exhibition “My Body My Choice”, organized in partnership with La Poudre, the feminist podcast by Lauren Bastide (whom we met last January), was held there. A true ode to the female body, the work of Sonia Sieff, Estelle Hanania, Alice Moitié and Maroussia Rebecq resonates with the struggle of American women under Trump, who fight to preserve their right to abortion. The four artists were present to unveil their photographic series showing the female body freed from shackles and societal stereotypes. Friends from the art world and the press came in large numbers to support the initiative, such as the painter Apolonia Sokol, also known for her feminist approach, or the actors Vincent Lacoste and Andy Gillet. The creative emulsion generated by the event gave Lauren Bastide the perfect opportunity to record a new episode of La Poudre; it gave the floor to journalists and female body experts Elvire Duvelle-Charles and Elise Thiebaut for a retrospective on the women who allowed this exhibition to exist. To see (and listen to) absolutely.

Photos: Say Who

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