22.01.2018 Showroom MTX #fashion

Mabiani and Atelier Montex maintain Franco-Italian relations in Paris

If you don’t already know Mabiani, the Italian leather goods manufacturer has been around since 1979. Founded by Mario Biasutti, the company has worked for decades for the biggest luxury brands. Today, Mabiani launches its very first collection under its own name and relies for the occasion on a collaboration with the embroiderer Atelier Montex (member of the Chanel Crafts family since 2011). It is in the showroom MTX (studio of the Atelier Montex) that Mabiani naturally chose to present the pieces of the collection which finds its proudest representatives in the models “Panino” and “Goccia”. A meeting of Italian and French know-how illustrated by an exclusive scenography signed Emily Marant. We will note in particular the presence of Jean-Pierre Blanc, founder of the Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival (who will reveal his finalists at the end of the month), who came to take part in the presentation whose atmosphere was provided, on the stage, by Cosmo Gonik.

Photos: Pierre Mouton

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