18.11.2014 Paradis Latin #fashion

M.A.C Cosmetics famous Joey Arias A-Z

It’s historic and undisputed: M.A.C Cosmetics gratifies the fashion of all the most beautiful parties, with a particular penchant for glamour and Tuesday evenings. Remember Carine Roitfeld’s first ball at the Salomon de Rothschild Hotel or the opening of her flagship store in the heart of the Champs-Elysées with Iggy Azalea. But not that, because M.A.C’s field of action is wordlwide when it comes to partying. Not to mention the beauty, which trustees all the backstages, from NY to Milan.

Tuesday evening, the make-up artist let himself be sucked into the cabaret whirlwind of Paradis Latin. And for good reason, Joey Arias was in the spotlight, a high figure of New York nights, at the same time a drama queen, singer and show girl of genius, who accompanied David Bowie in his stage experiments, among other feats of performative weapons.

In its wake, Marc Zaffuto and Emmanuel d’Orazio – Rykielesques that evening – gathered the most feathery birds of the Parisian night to celebrate the past, present and future of this high priestess with false eyelashes by concocting a sulphurous programme in the lair of the Cabaret de la Rive Gauche. On stage: Joey M.A.C Wipe Art’s unique exhibition, the premiere of the film Z Chromosome (short film by Manfred T. Mugler), cocktails and, it goes without saying, performances in all sauces. Watch your eyes!

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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