03.05.2018 Mona Bismarck American Center #music

Living on summertime with Mona Darlin’

After last year’s “Summer House,” the Mona Bismarck American Center opened its festive season with the inauguration of Mona Darlin’, a 100% US program of music, dance, good food and farniente. While this festival of a new kind will be held from May to September (in the hope of a long and warm summer as we like them), last night’s event was the first of many nights spent in the mansion’s gardens for an evening in good company. With a musical curation by Rex Club artistic director Martin Grandperret, there was no doubt we were in for some good music. Emilio and Kiddy Smile took turns at the turntables, while Tamayo gave his Columbian touch to this American-Parisian atmosphere with a live concert. Inside, we lounge in the salons designed by Axel Huynh and we meet the faces of Kristina Bazan, the Gucci Gang girls or Nassim Guizani, all invited by Parisian parties regular Dani Morla. This is beginning of a series of pretty excellent DJ sets and concerts throughout the summer.

Photos: Pierre Mouton

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