22.06.2022 Paris #art

Lina Lapelytè celebrates polyphony at the Lafayette Anticipations Foundation

Lithuanian artist Lina Lapelytè, was awarded the Golden Lion at the last Venice Biennale. For her first French exhibition, she breaks with the codes of the musical tradition. “The Mutes” an exhibition-performance gives voice to those who are usually silent, and brings together a group of amateur singers, deprived of any musical ear. This surprising choir evolves within the different spaces of the Lafayette Anticipations Foundation, drawing unexplored soundscapes. This out of tune song invites visitors to unlearn what theyu know about music, and relearn about Lina Lapelytè invites visitors to unlearn what they think they know about music, to re-learn otherness. A celebration of polyphony, free admission, to be discovered from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11am to 7pm, continuously until July 24th.

Photos : Ayka Lux

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