22.06.2022 Paris #luxury

Dinh Van summer dinner on the roofs of Paris

Jean Dinh Van was intrigued when he passed by the Place de l’Opéra in Paris in 1968. Near the building, a thick chain protected the access to the courtyard. This chain fascinated him: the cross-section of its links is not round as it is seen everywhere, but square! Back in his workshop, he decided to appropriate this aesthetic and translate it into jewelry, and the rest is history. Today, the Maillon collection has become the signature chain of the company’s lines and is available in a bracelet with multiple functions. To recall this astonishing history, intimately linked to Parisian life, Corinne le Foll, Dinh Van’s general manager, invited a few friends to a Parisian rooftop for an intimate dinner, imagined by chef Antoine Villard. The Young Emperors, Virginie Benaroch, Gilles Denis, Leia Sfez, Marion Barbeau and Eugénie Trochu, were all in attendance, admiring this famous Link, strong as ever.

Photos: Pierre Mouton

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