10.10.2016 Weber Métaux - Paris III #art

Lafayette Anticipation makes the unknown an ally

For the past three years, Lafayette Anticipation – Fondation d’ entreprise Galeries Lafayette has been committed to artists and fashion designers.
and designers to enable them to produce new works, experiment, take risks and surround their projects.

From October 11 to 23,2016,’ Make the Unknown an Ally’ temporarily occupies the former Weber Metals store at 16 rue Debelleyme in the Marais. The works produced – sculptures, installations, films, one-off or long-term performances – have been commissioned by Lafayette Anticipation and each in their own way testify to this unique commitment. This presentation completes the Foundation’s prefiguration programme begun in autumn 2013 and at the same time announces the opening of its building, rehabilitated by the OMA agency of architect Rem Koolhaas, at 9 rue du Plâtre, in autumn 2017.

Fourteen artists and designers are participating in this presentation: some have already collaborated with Lafayette Anticipation since its creation, while others have designed their project for the occasion. With Camille Blatrix, Tyler Coburn, Mimosa Echard, Simon Fujiwara, Yngve Holen and many others.

Photos: Cédric Canezza et Virgile Guinard

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