23.11.2016 Marc jacobs store - 368 Rue Saint Honoré Paris Ier #fashion

Jalouse and Gucci Gang present “A night out with the Marc Jacobs girls.”

Climbing the steps of Cannes, fashion editorials, trendy evenings, front row, collabs: the irresistible GUCCI GANG is everywhere and for all the best parties. Annabelle, Angelina, Crystal and Thais turned their style and pout into a weapon of mass seduction and did not take long to put fashion at their feet, always in sneakers. The four flagship girls of the millennium generation added a string to their bow Tuesday night as they passed behind the turntables, invited by Jalouse to distil their hip-hop selection in front of a parterre of it-girls dear to the publication, echoing its snapshot generation series in the November issue. On the MJ side, the latest resort collection as well as the new versions of the iconic snapshot bag were presented in-store, which, as its name suggests, is the ultimate luxury accessory for urban and connected youth. Gucci Gang x Marc Jacobs x Jalouse: a trio at the top of the cool.

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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