06.02.2014 44, rue Lucien Sampaix - Paris Xe #art

Inauguration of the gallery l’Ecurie and vernissage “Tendre violence”

From César’s compressions, Calder’s mobiles (and his first art as BMW followed long after by Jeff Koons’) to the Citroën sedan chair designed by Ora-Ïto or the Vuitton soap box designed by Starck, contemporary art and design have always played with automotive codes to imagine the future of mobility.

So it is only natural that the very festive team from the agency l’Écurie came, last night, to open the doors of its own art gallery, somewhere on the highway of its success.

For its premiere, it invites the artist Thomas Lélu to present “Tendre Violence”, an exhibition of car hoods on which photographs of women from erotic magazines have been glued. An obvious association to say the least but which, according to the plastic surgeon, would cancel the symbol of power and virility, by simple arithmetic observation. Affirmation to check before March 5, 44 rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris Xème.

Photos: Michael Huard


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