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Fooding 2015 Guide Crazy Night

The great raout of Fooding was Monday 24 November in the very cramped but alibabesque Passage des Panoramas. Once upon a time, the friendly of the good food has shaken up all the codes of the French dinner – with all due respect to Nadine de Rothschild, who would not have lasted any longer in these places than the Pata Negra of the Great Spanish – carved by Noé Bonillo (reigning world champion in ham cutting, please).

But this fine part – bacchanal watered for some, tasted for others – is above all the occasion to award the Fooding Guide Prizes, epicurean Bible become in a few years the second gastro guide of France after this good old Michelin (which, it must be admitted, seems quite outdated in front of the de-complexed expertise of its challenger). Among the 2015 winners: the Porte 12 (Paris) and Miles (Bordeaux) restaurants won the”Best Table 2015″ award, the Clown Bar on Rue Amelot won the”Best Bistro” award, while the Fooding d’amour went to the Baniel Baratier/Alexandre Céret duo for Les Déserteurs. David Lanher becomes the new recipient of the Fooding d’honneur, rightly considered THE new tycoon of catering. With Racines, Vivant, Paradis, or the recent Caffè Stern, David lights or re-lights everything he touches. In the smell of holiness, the man!

What about the rest? After the”Eat Stand Up Time”, his beef empanadas and the speech of the truculent Nora Hamzawi, everyone sat down to eat (which was still hungry) in the restaurants of the old passage, invested for the occasion by the Chefs from France and Beirut (AOC Kamal Mouzawak, commander of the kitchens of Tawlet souk el tayeb), a brass band in the background before Isaac Delusion seizes the Bollywood dance floor wedged at the Paki of the corner.

But then why the hell did Alexandre Cammas and his team call the 2015 edition’La cuisine folle’? Because Hannibal Lecter aka Aurélien Wilk was strolling on a devil in a straitjacket, Nicolas Ullmann was monkeying Sweeny Todd with all the talent we know him, some of the waiters were bare-assed while the others were sticking paper heads bigger than at the Dunkerque carnival, that the Chefs, the people and the other members of the Bureau were happily heckling a Bordeaux in their hands, but also and above all, whether we like it or not, because it always hovers over the Fooding that little grain of madness that makes everything delicious! Miscellany, in disorder.

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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