01.10.2016 Grand Véfour #fashion

Fluidity and lace at Jour/Né

Under the colonnades of the Palais Royal and in front of the mythical restaurant Le Grand Véfour, the Jour/Né trio, composed of Lou Menais, Léa Sebban and Jerry Journo, presented their spring-summer 2017 collection.

The contemporary silhouettes presented here have sought the right balance between a form of bourgeoisie far from being stuck and fashion as it emerges in today’s streets. A certain fluidity was felt, far from the clichés of androgyny. Here, style is only a matter of taste, and if it suits the Day/Night man to wear a lace polo shirt and the woman a square shirt and long shorts with athletic proportions, who cares? Between camisole dresses in soft shades of highly feminine lace and men’s shirts, there is only one step that the muse of the season, just like the eccentrics of the Belle Epoque who inspired this new collection, happily crosses.

If the whole had a certain charm, it is undoubtedly the pieces with handles as well as the touches of sportswear (in particular the feminine pieces with side edges) which represented best this mixture with the reflected elegance.

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