04.03.2014 La Gaité Lyrique #fashion

Eleven Paris 11th anniversary

Happy birthday Eleven Paris! On Tuesday evening, the small brand that has become a big brand blew out its eleven candles with great pomp at La Gaité Lyrique. And for the occasion, Eleven Paris did a great good in the 90’s by programming a series of unexpected lives to say the least. Between two games of arcades and a razzia on the gargantuan buffet, the guests enjoyed the concerts of Doc Gyneco, Menelik and Coolio. Yes, it is. Dj Pone and Boy George distilled an electro of good tone, before joining Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Wiz Khalifa and Terry Richardson in the second impregnable home of the fashion week (remember, the evening HIM).

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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