11.02.2013 Librairie 0fr #art

Dialogue with Paquita Paquin and Simon Liberati

After welcoming the signature of Pierre & Gilles””Autobiography in photomatons. 1968-1988″” last March, the 0fr bookshop honours the troublemakers of the Palace years, who sign on Valentine’s Day a collector’s box set “Vive les mariés””. Published by Bazar, we find there this fantastic collection of Polaroids retracing the creative epic of a band of friends released in the 70’s, from the beginnings of punk to the decay of the mythical Parisian club.

Invited last night by Thomas Doustaly to come back to the boiling point of these splendid years, Simon Libérati and Paquita Paquin dialogued – with an ounce of nostalgia – in front of a small assembly of curious people:””At that time, Paquita Paquin was in the General Staff, I was in the Poilus. I was an unknown soldier”” will begin the writer, who will continue by answering Thomas’ question: “I am not sure that there remains an aesthetic legacy of that time. But the night has always been a night of fear and violence. At the time, I remember staying two or three hours locked in the Bathroom because there was a fight outside. And the great fashion lady concluded:””In the Palace years, we were very pretentious, we took everybody down, everything was crap, starting with Warhol, and all the designers in vogue””. “Everything was a gang thing: we were able to do crazy things, but we also galvanized ourselves into bullshit!””.

For some of us, true Madeieine de Proust, for the other caustic testimonies of an emancipated generation, the dialogue between the two protagonists has plunged Pierre & Gilles’ work back into the source of its influences. And for Saywho, a delicious happening like the Thumerelle siblings knows how to make them so well.

“Autobiography in photomatons 1968-1988”, and special edition “Vive les mariés”, on sale at the bookstore 0fr

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