13.11.2014 L'Arc Paris #fashion

Cocktail Each x Other x Jeremy Kost

Each x Other took advantage of Paris Photo 2014 to celebrate the launch of the book”FRACTURED” by the American artist Jeremy Kost, a photographic work both poetic and solar, whose Polaroids inspired one of Next Summer’s Each x Other capsule collections.

How? With a private cocktail + signature, accompanied by the cream of Parisian night birds: Marc Zafutto, Emmanuel d’Orazio, Catherine Baba and Allanah Starr. As for music, the selection was also nocturnal with DJ sets by Cécile Togni, Florian Sailer and Kincy from the band Nettle. Nothing to get bored with, then.

Where? At the Arc Paris, which since it was reborn from its ashes hosts in series of ultra-exclusive happenings. Is this not the characteristic of all resurrection? To regain your health, with panache and elegance, while waiting for the international jet-set to find its way back to its stronghold…

Photos: Paul Blind


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