17.02.2016 118, rue du Mont Cenis - Paris XVIIIe #music

Club Cheval presents its first album Discipline

The four friends of Club Cheval have just unveiled their very first album during a 100% Lille closed-door performance.

Sam Tiba’s bromance, Myd, Panteros666 and Canblaster have just released Discipline, the band’s first album. Discipline is an event record that revisits a wide range of influences, from r&b to house and techno, and draws on the solo experience of each member of the band. Result: a rich and inspired musical object, which will be officially released on March 4th. While waiting to listen to it in loop, the foals of Bromance Records invited last Wednesday some friends to a live presentation.

Photos: Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol


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