19.05.2021 12 Vendôme, Paris #luxury

Chaumet celebrates the love story between Napoleon and Joséphine

One year ago, Chaumet celebrated the reopening of their 12 Vendôme home at the occasion of the House’s 240th anniversary. Today, the historic salons host the exhibition “Joséphine Napoléon, an extra(ordinary) story” telling the love story between the Emperor and the Empress, under the eye of a third party: jeweler Marie-Etienne Nitot, the founder of Chaumet. From May 19th to July 18th, the exhibition will unveil more than 150 pieces of jewelry, paintings, artworks and letters from private collections and cultural institutions such as the Musée du Louvre and Fondation Napoléon. Starting in the Salon Chopin, “Joséphine Napoléon” is a voyage through the different stages of their relationship, and puts the emphasis on the eternal influence of their love – which still inspires Chaumet’s designs today. Their passionate love is told through numerous exceptional jewelry creations, just like the wheatsheaf tiara designed by Nitot in 1811. Curated by historian Pierre Branda, the exhibition gives unprecedented insight into the legendary couple’s intimacy. Prior to the official opening, Chaumet had invited a few of their friends for private visits in respect of sanitary measures. As from today, everyone can get a taste of history for free, by booking their visit at www.chaumet.com.

Photos: Jean Picon

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