05.09.2017 Monnaie de Paris #design

Browse the virtuoso worlds of AD Interiors’ decorators, “The Art of Matter”.

There are events that absolutely must not be missed. This is the case of AD Interiors, for eight years the unmissable meeting place for lovers of architecture and interior design. Organized for the second time at the Monnaie de Paris, the exhibition, this year entitled “L’art de la matière”, has not failed in its prestigious reputation. As the setting sun spread its ochre rays in the Parisian sky, the visitor’s eye was already amazed by “The Droplet”, an installation by Marcos Lutyens set in the courtyard of the 11 Quai de Conti. Commissioned by The Harmonist, the sound work, from which water vapour sensitive to global warming escapes, already invited contemplation and reflection. After a few minutes with eyes in the air, the route continues on the first floor in the 18th century salons d’apparat transformed by the ten talents chosen by AD. In a series, the universes follow one another and do not resemble each other. One enters the surrealist room of Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman with eyes wide open, as one cannot help but smile at the discovery of Rodolphe Parente’s “metal-pop lingerie”, first for the unexpected sophistication brought to this so “banal” piece, then for its extraordinary mosaic floor. The panoramic boudoir of the duo Oitoemponto envelops us with its Japanese wallpaper, while Mathieu Lehanneur’s marble room plays between classicism and futurism – bust of droid in support. Between inside and outside, the inauguration evening brought together designers and design personalities, from Julien Desselle to Pierre Hardy, including make up artist Peter Philips, Rabih Kayrouz and the beautiful Aymeline Valade. Before leaving the place, a last tour under the chandeliers of Mathieu Lustrerie, the last visual feast before returning to the normality of our day.

Photos: Valentin le Cron


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