15.09.2016 Magasins Généraux - Pantin #lifestyle

BETC sets up in Greater Paris

New developments in the East with the installation of BETC in Pantin. To bring its 900 employees together in one place, BETC was looking for a rare pearl: a place the size of its teams but in which it could also express the fullness of a coherent vision and identity that has made its reputation since 1994. The agency, which is already involved in the renewal of the Gare de l’Est district, is one of the pioneers of Greater Paris by inaugurating new premises in Pantin, within the Magasins généraux.

Convinced of the opportunity represented by Greater Paris, BETC chose the general stores along the canal and quickly established links with the town hall of Pantin and Est Ensemble to get involved from the outset of the new Port district project. Located a stone’s throw from major creative players such as the Thaddeus Ropac, Chanel or Hermès gallery, this new complex has been designed as a veritable urbanised ecosystem at the service of BETC teams.

In addition to expanding the available space, BETC has opened up a broader reflection on the methods, habits and synergies that are being forged within the framework of the work. The results have nourished the developments and circulations, in order to set up a true creative laboratory where culture, creation and innovation will be fully expressed.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron


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