31.10.2012 Alma Marceau #lifestyle

Baron’s 8th birthday

Halloween results in a plethoric offer of happenings more or less advisable among which it will be necessary for you to show proselytism, or at least a sharp pragmatism at the moment T of the choice of your evening.

Saywho started his sinister night with the duo of Club Sandwich Emmanuel d’Orazio / Marc Zaffuto. Horror Movies on the program with traditional dj sets by Florian Sailer, Twiggy, and Cristo Barr, followed closely by a horde of macabre dancers impregnated with hemoglobin and some disco-queen from the afterlife who smelled good the inevitable n°5. All this at La Villa, the restless roof-top on Avenue Montaigne.

Guided by petrifying instincts from the depths of Tartarus – grrr, the festivities continued at the Baron to celebrate the eight years of our second beloved home. Any other atmosphere under the hat (the sombrero, in fact): that of the day of the Mexican dead, commonly called “dia de Muertos” on Mother Earth. Frida Kahlo’s ectoplasm drank strawberry vodka until the wickedest hours of that night. While waiting for the next one, we drink pumpkin soup, so as not to spoil anything…B.B.

Photos: Julien Weber


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