15.06.2017 Artligue #art

A painting to dream, dreamlike fresco by Linda Bujoli

“Un tableau pour rêver” is the new artistic project presented by Linda Bujoli at Artligue. Until June 21, the artist presents 43 photographs in square format constituting a fresco that the visitor is invited to modulate to create his own experience of the work. A participative performance which attracted this Thursday in the gallery of the 3rd district friends artists, creators and specialists, like Yaz Bukey, Irié or Nicolas Godin, with whom Linda Bujoli had already created a photographic project. With this project, the artist plays with borders and restrictions and guides the visitor in his dreamlike vision of timeless landscapes. Linda Bujoli will also be present at the inauguration to guide the guests and build/deconstruct the paintings every day until June 21. More than a work, “Un tableau pour rêver” is an experience that is lived with the artist and that will continue to be enriched.

Photos: Say Who


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